Skeo Sealing Liner

Advantages at a glance

A firm hold, all day long

With the Skeo Sealing, you can relax and focus on all the challenges of your everyday life. The vacuum is reliably maintained thanks to the sealing ring.

Keep it simple!

Hard to put on and take off? Time-consuming to wash? Long drying times? Not at all!

The Skeo Sealing offers all the advantages that come with especially easy handling and requires surprisingly little care.

Lean back and relax

A pleasant feeling on the skin in every situation – the Skeo Sealing liner gives you an all-round sense of well-being.



  • Can patients buy directly from Ottobock?

    Except for certain products available at, patients cannot purchase products directly from Ottobock. Ottobock products are generally prescribed by physicians or clinicians, who provide the product to the patient.

    If you’d like to be fit with an Ottobock product, please talk to your physician or clinician (orthotist, prosthetist, therapist, or Rehab Technology Specialist).

    If you have further questions, please call 800 328 4058 and ask for our Consumer Support Specialist.

  • How do I care for the Skeo Sealing?

    To ensure good hygiene, we recommend cleaning the liner daily. The smooth surface of the Skeo Sealing makes it quick and easy to clean. It also dries quickly – simply wipe with a cloth or towel to remove water residue from the liner.