Quickchange adapter for changing prosthetic feet

User of the Quickchange adapter for changing prosthetic feet walking on the beach with his partner.

Benefits at a glance

The right foot for every occasion

Respond flexibly to different situations – starting today. Shopping, participating in sports or a weekend trip to a swimming lake – with the Quickchange, you can easily switch between several prosthetic feet yourself.

Active in life – participating in sports

Keeping fit, getting actively involved in life, participating in sports again. Your Challenger prosthetic fitness foot with the Quickchange adapter is just waiting to start running with you. Switch feet quickly and inconspicuously, and get started right away.

Easy handling

One turn, one click – change the foot – one turn, one click – start running!

Changing heel heights by switching prosthetic feet

Different everyday and leisure occasions demand different heel heights. Thanks to the Quickchange, you can quickly switch between business footwear, trainers, work boots or walking shoes.

Putting on trousers, made easy

The days when you had to devote a lot of effort to threading your prosthetic foot through your trouser leg are gone. Thanks to the Quickchange, you can get dressed effortlessly and then connect your foot again. A genuine benefit, not just for those who love shopping.


Showering, swimming or working in wet conditions: your Quickchange is a perfect complement to existing fittings, such as the Genium X3 and Triton Heavy Duty. This is because the adapter is waterproof and corrosion-resistant.