1E93 Runner junior

1E93 Runner junior side view

The prosthetic sports foot for active children who love to run

Active children up to the age of approximately 13 years use the Runner junior for sporting activities. They also put the prosthetic foot to great use during physical education at school and in their social environment. The Runner junior promotes your child’s age-appropriate development and joy of movement.

This sporty foot with a carbon spring stands out for its lightweight construction and an appealing design. You can have your O&P professional adjust the dynamics as well as the spring stiffness to suit your child’s needs.

  • Suitable for sports, playtime and active recreation
  • High-traction, all-terrain sole for fast, safe running on asphalt, grass and tartan tracks
  • The dynamics of the spring can be individually adapted to your child’s needs
  • Lightweight, robust material and attractive design