Patella Pro knee Orthosis

Dynamic realignment for anterior knee pain

Twelve-year-old Emily can once again enjoy sporting activities with her friends to the full

Benefits at a glance

A girl riding skateboard with Patella Pro.

Targeted tracking

The Patella Pro’s unique mode of action provides the patella with targeted tracking in the respective flexion angle, relieving the joint structures.

A girl plays basketball with Patella Pro.

Enjoy moving

The Patella Pro brace helps relieve knee pain, allowing everyday and recreational activities possible again: Taking the stairs, going for a walk, sports, etc.

The Patella Pro fits closely to the knee.


The Patella Pro distinguishes itself with its lightweight, slim, and discreet design when worn under clothing.

The Patella Pro on a young woman’s leg.

Easy to use

Handy quick-release closures and donning and doffing loops make it easier to wear your brace on a daily basis. The breathable material is designed for a firm fit so the brace does not slip during activities.

Individual adjustment of the Patella Pro knee brace is demonstrated

Customized, precise fit

It's essential for your brace to fit properly so unpleasant or painful pressure points cannot develop. The Patella Pro features practical hook-and-loop and ratchet closures, which the clinician can use to adjust the brace to your individual requirements

Clinical overview

Anterior knee pain

What is anterior knee pain?

Do you have pain at the front of your knee joint? If so, your physician may have already diagnosed you with “patellofemoral pain syndrome," meaning pain in the front of the knee joint. One of the most frequent clinical indications in orthotics, anterior knee pain accounts for every fourth knee issue.

Vicious cycle of knee pain

How does anterior knee pain actually occur?

This condition can have a variety of causes. Excessive strain on the patellofemoral joint is often thought to trigger anterior knee pain. Normally, the kneecap (patella) glides along the thigh bone as if on a track. In anterior knee pain, the patella is often displaced. It slips outwards and causes pain.

The patella can become displaced, especially during knee flexion from 10° to 30° because the tracking is comparatively weak in this range. With greater flexion (>30°), the patella is firmly seated in its “holder." In this instance, the risk of maltracking is low.

The mode of action of the Patella Pro is demonstrated

Proper tracking makes all the difference: Patella Pro

For patients with anterior knee pain, smaller flexion angles are especially critical, as these can relatively quickly result in the patella shifting outwards. This is precisely where the Patella Pro comes in with its unique mode of action. Thanks to its dynamic realignment mechanism, it tracks the patella precisely to the middle of the joint, i.e. centers it. This relieves the joint cartilage. We call this process “dynamic” because the patella is only ever tracked as much as the respective movement demands.

At the beginning of flexion, when the patella is not yet sufficiently guided in its “bony track," the brace tracks it specifically, thus supporting the overstrained musculature. If the knee joint is flexed further, the patella glides into the “track” of the thigh bone.


  • Where can I get the Patella Pro?

    The Patella Pro is generally prescribed by your physician and fitted to you by your O&P professional.

  • What is the course of therapy for anterior knee pain?

    The therapy concept is individually coordinated for you and your needs. Medications can initially help deal with acute pain. Physiotherapy is intended to help improve muscular coordination. Simultaneously, emphasis is placed on correcting functional malpositions and compensating postures. Secure tracking of the patella can establish the conditions for pain-free movement. The Patella Pro supports this effectively.

  • Does an operation exclude the use of the Patella Pro?

    No, in fact the knee brace is also often used after an operation. Experience in clinical practice has shown many patients experience significant relief for their symptoms with the Patella Pro after an operation. However, it is once again important here that it is integrated in a well-planned concept consisting of training, rehabilitation, and therapy.

  • How long does it take before my pain is reduced with the Patella Pro?

    This can vary from individual to individual, as the progress of healing is very unique. Influencing factors include your physical condition, for example, or whether you have chronic or acute symptoms. The amount of time you invest in your rehabilitation is also important.

  • Can I wear the brace under normal clothing?

    Yes, because the Patella Pro is very lightweight and features a slim design. The materials are breathable and comfortable to wear, and also prevent odors from developing.

  • Will I need to wear the brace forever?

    No, the brace is worn for approximately half to one year. The muscles in the knee are then once again able to hold the patella in the right position independently.