Omo Neurexa plus shoulder orthosis

Benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

The Omo Neurexa plus provides noticeable relief and alleviates pain

Pain relief

The Omo Neurexa plus provides noticeable relief and alleviates pain caused by the malposition of your shoulder joint. By bringing your shoulder into a better position, the orthosis combats the cause of your complaints.

At work with the Omo Neurexa plus

Early commencement of rehabilitation

With the Omo Neurexa plus, your shoulder is securely stabilized. This means you can fully concentrate on movement and gait training. As a result, you can begin rehabilitation as soon as possible and learn the right movement patterns from the very start.

Golfing with the Omo Neurexa plus

Improved body posture

By bringing your shoulder into the correct position with the orthosis, your entire body posture is corrected – which positively influences your gait. This helps you avoid one-sided excessive muscle strain or the overextension of nerves, ligaments, and tendons.

Comfortable material

Comfortable material

The orthosis is made of soft, washable fabric with silicone strips on the inside. This prevents slipping and rubbing. The climate-regulating material also counteracts perspiration and makes the orthosis comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Single-handed application

Single-handed application

Thanks to its special design, you can put on the orthosis yourself with just one handaccording to your individual capabilities. Colored snap fasteners make it easier to put it on correctly. Your therapist or O&P professional will adapt the orthosis to your individual needs and show you how to apply it correctly.


Skeleton after a stroke

Omo Neurexa plus for stabilization after a stroke

The Omo Neurexa plus shoulder orthosis is part of the Neurexa product line. It was developed in close cooperation with physicians and therapists – especially for stroke patients. As a valuable medical device for rehabilitation, it promotes active movement.

Shoulder pain frequently occurs after a stroke or other illnesses. In this case the humerus is in an unfavourable position. The Omo Neurexa plus brings it back into the correct position, thereby eliminating the cause of the pain. This is essential in order to begin with early, targeted rehabilitation. Our objective is to help you reintegrate into your familiar social and work environment as quickly as possible.

Skeleton after a stroke with the Omo Neurexa plus

How it works

The Omo Neurexa plus consists of two parts – a shoulder cuff and a forearm cuff. They are connected by two straps. The orthosis covers a large area in the shoulder region, which has a positive effect on what are known as proprioceptors. These perceive how you move with your shoulder in space and what position you assume. This improves your overall body posture, which in turn has a positive impact on a smooth and uniform gait. A muscle stimulation pad, which you can easily attach inside the shoulder orthosis with a hook-and-loop fastener, makes it possible to provide additional stimulation for weakened muscles.


Shoulder pain and dysfunction (including subluxation) following

  • a stroke
  • a hemiplegia
  • a cervical disc prolapse
  • brachial plexus injuries
  • peripheral nerve damage etc.

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