Manu Neurexa plus wrist orthosis

Benefits at a glance

Manu Neurexa plus supports the hand in a more natural, neutral position

Practicing movements

The more often you use your hand and wrist joint again, the more mobility you will regain. The Manu Neurexa plus makes this possible by supporting the hand and wrist joint in a more natural and neutral position.

High level of wearer comfort with Manu Neurexa plus

Comfortable to wear

The Manu Neurexa plus is comfortable to wear thanks to its lightweight design and soft TriTech material. The material reduces perspiration by counteracting the build-up of heat. This means you can wear the orthosis for extended periods of time as well.

The Manu Neurexa plus protects the hand

Protecting the hand and wrist joint

Critical situations can occur, particularly early on. The Manu Neurexa plus protects your hand and wrist joint against external influences. You feel safer. In addition, you can also improve the sensitivity of your arm and hand by using our hand orthosis.

Marleen puts on the Manu Neurexa plus by herself

Single-handed application for more independence

Thanks to its special design, you can put on the orthosis yourself with just one hand – depending on your capabilities. This gives you greater independence. Individual fitting and instructions will be provided by your therapist or O&P professional.

Marleen wears the Omo Neurexa plus in combination with the Manu Neurexa plus

Combining the Manu Neurexa plus with the Omo Neurexa plus

Combining both the Manu and Omo Neurexa plus orthoses results in unique functionality for you: Your arm is repositioned in an even better manner, its guidance is improved and the anti-spasticity effect is intensified.


  • Paresis of the forearm muscles with resulting weakness of the wrist, for example following a stroke
  • Cervical disc prolapse
  • Injury of the plexus cervicalis
  • Peripheral nerve damage
  • Especially well suited for flaccid paralysis or paralysis with only minor spasticity in the area of the hand and wrist joint.

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