Pediatric upper limb prosthetics

Children live in a world all their own – a world that needs lots of function, flexibility, mobility and room for growth. Ottobock’s innovative 7.4 volt system was designed with kids in mind.

In combination with the Electric Hand 2000, the MyolinoWrist 2000 and the MyolinoSkin Natural glove, the 7.4 system uses myoelectric components from Ottobock’s adult system in order to establish the foundation for a smooth transition as the child grows.

Electrohand 2000 for children

After an upper limb amputation, children can once again largely experience their world with their hands thanks to the lightweight myoelectric hand for children.


Prosthetic gloves

Available in a large selection of color and sizes, our prosthetic gloves for adults and children provide the perfect finishing touch to an upper-limb prosthesis.



SiOCX TR sockets for forearm amputees are skin-friendly and ensure optimum adhesion. Additional features include easy cleaning and a custom design.