Electrohand 2000 for children

Built for exploration

Helping children explore their world

Experiencing and exploring their environment with all the senses is especially important for children. Gripping and feeling objects with their own hands is an essential element. With the myoelectric hand system for children, Ottobock gives kids many opportunities to explore the world with their hands. Rather than shrinking the electric hand for adults to a smaller size, we developed a hand system just for children. An inner hand is not necessary thanks to the elastic synthetic cover, reducing the weight of the hand.

The sophisticated gripping feature allows kids to get a better view of the object being grasped, which also serves to reduce compensatory movements of the arm. The finger design also makes it possible to handle writing implements and eating utencils in a largely natural manner.

The Electrohand 2000 is suitable exclusively for upper-limb prosthetic fittings due to amputations or congenital limb differences. Ask your prosthetist for information about the sizes, cosmetic gloves, and available control versions.

Advantages for you

Unique hand design

The lightweight Electrohand was designed specifically for the needs of growing children, with an especially mobile thumb and index finger for better grip during play and exploration.

Kid-friendly colors

In addition to natural skin tones, the robust and flexible prosthetic gloves for the Electrohand 2000 come in four eye-catching colors: pink, red, blue, and black.

Intelligent battery

The battery for the Electrohand 2000 also serves as its power supply. You’ll know when the battery is getting low because the hand will gradually slow down and the gripping strength will be reduced. The hand won’t turn off unless battery capacity gets very low.