Body-powered prosthetic solutions

Get a firm grip on life

Easy, reliable control

You have many options when it comes to upper-limb prosthetic solutions. Body-powered prostheses are controlled with the power of an individual’s residual limb, shoulder girdle, and upper-body muscles. Whether your life involves social activities, sports, intricate tasks, or heavy-duty labor, our range of body-powered prosthetic components provides solid and reliable options to help you meet your needs and regain your independence.



Prosthetic hooks provide reliable gripping functions and are particularly well suited for tasks that require highly precise gripping and hard manual labor. Hooks for children, adolescents, and adults are available.


Robust, lightweight, and attractive, the ErgoArm elbow is well suited for mechanical and cosmetic prostheses. The expanded ErgoArm Plus elbow is designed for cable-controlled prostheses.


Suitable for highly functional body-powered fittings, the Robo-Wrist wrist joint can rotate the terminal device by 360° and simultaneously extend it at any angle up to 43°.

Advantages for you

Easy to use

Body-powered prosthetic solutions are easy to use. The user controls the entire prosthesis with the aid of the shoulder girdle and upper body. You are in total control.

A firm hand with a light touch

Designed with power and stability in mind, body-powered prostheses are typically used in work environments that require heavy-duty manual skills or have a higher risk of exposure to corrosive, greasy materials, water or heat. However, they are also ideally suited for activities that require a delicate touch.

Lightweight independence

Body-powered prosthetic solutions do not require an external energy source, so they weight less than myoelectric prostheses. No battery also means you can focus entirely on your activities. They day isn’t done until you say so!