How the Taleo supports Martin's everyday life

With Taleo, Martin can focus on what he likes most – spending time with family and engaging in one of his favorite hobbies, fishing. Because Taleo delivers a smooth walking experience and is waterproof, it offers Martin peace of mind that he can go wherever life takes him.

See how our global community benefits from the Taleo

Explore what our users around the world can do with the Taleo foot and how it supports them in their everyday life. #ReadyForEverydayLife

“The thing I like most is how natural it feels and how springy the Taleo is. This is pretty cool.”

Hannah, UK
Taleo user Hannah is sitting outside
Taleo user Carlos is playing golf.

“The exciting thing about it is that there are no ‘dead spots‘ - I can actually roll over to my toe easier.”

Carlos, USA

“It feels so light and flexible. I feel I can do more with the Taleo.”

Swapneel, India
Taleo user Swapneel is sitting outside.

What is most important to you about your prosthetic foot?

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