Harmony below-knee vacuum prosthesis

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Steve sitting on a sofa in a medical office while his prosthetist examines his socket

Intimate fit begins with the right socket…

Conventional sockets force your leg to conform to the shape of the socket, and can create pressure peaks in sensitive areas. A TSWB (Total Surface Weight Bearing) socket on the other hand, supports your weight with its entire surface, instead of just on the edge or at the bottom.

It’s like the difference between walking in a shoe that fits perfectly versus a shoe two sizes too big; even if you add enough socks, it will feel sloppy and may cause blistering.

Putting on a Harmony prosthesis over an Ottobock liner.

...and the perfect liner...

The right liner provided for your Harmony prosthesis distributes pressures in your socket to create a precise and comforable fit. It adds comfort and increases connection no matter how active you are.

A Harmony user walking outdoors with his prosthetist

…plus vacuum for amazing connection and comfort.

Add to the socket the Harmony’s elevated vacuum, and you’ll find that your leg is drawn more completely into the custom socket. This creates a more intimate fit, and allows fluids to be more easily drawn back into your limb when you’re walking. The difference?

  • Improved comfort and stability
  • Enhanced connection, or ‘linkage’ will help you feel where your leg is in space (proprioception),
  • More natual walking: by allowing you to spend more time on your prosthetic side

The Harmony solution

Do you have a problem with your prosthesis? We’ve got a solution.

Is your prosthesis ever uncomfortable? Does your socket seem to get looser over the course of the day? Does your leg feel poorly ‘connected’ to your prosthesis?

These issues can come from volume changes in the socket and—just like a shoe that’s the wrong size—can lead to painful skin problems that limit your activities.

The style of socket can make things worse for some users. Conventional Specific Weight Bearing Sockets can cause fluid loss by forcing fluids out of the limb during walking, while simultaneously reducing the surface area that distributes pressures. To make up for the changes in limb volume, many users add socks to their residual limb during the day—but this doesn’t get to the root of the problem: the loss of fluid and volume fluctuations. A Specific Weight Bearing Socket can force fluids out of the limb, changing the limb volume.

The Harmony solution can include a socket, the liner (between your leg and the socket), the Harmony pump, and the right carbon fiber foot. They all add up to incredible comfort!