Know the difference – Intuitive Stance explained

Any time you stand for a long period of time, you are at risk for increased knee and back pain – especially if you’re an above-knee prosthesis user. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stand without having to lock out your knee, change modes, or put all your body weight on your sound side? If you’re tired of getting tired when you stand, you should know about Intuitive Stance.

Cali from Ottobock in the showroom standing and discussing microprocessor knee function

What is Intuitive Stance?

Ottobock’s Intuitive Stance feature blocks the knee from bending or buckling while you’re standing so you can distribute your weight evenly between both legs. This helps alleviate pressure on your sound side and helps you maintain a more stable, comfortable standing position.

Intuitive Stance makes it easier to tackle many daily activities:

  • Standing at the sink
  • Standing at the stove while cooking dinner
  • Standing on a ramp or incline
  • Standing in line at places like the grocery store, bus stop, or movie theater

C-leg intuitive stance demonstration

How does it work?

Engaging Intuitive Stance is easy. Simply hold the knee in a slightly flexed position for a couple of seconds. To deactivate, just extend the knee or take a step with your sound side.

This unique feature is only found in Ottobock microprocessor knees.

Knees featuring Intuitive Stance

Genium bionic prosthetic knee


Genium was one of the first Ottobock microprocessor knees to feature Intuitive Stance. Because of this feature, Genium can tell when you are standing and provides the resistance you need, which allows for more natural, stable distribution of body weight.


C-Leg microprocessor-controlled hydraulic leg prosthesis system.

C-Leg 4

C-Leg offers the choice between Automatic Stance and Intuitive Stance. With these options, standing becomes more comfortable and less tiring, even on uneven surfaces, ramps, and slopes.


X3 waterproof prosthetic leg.


The X3 allows for intuitive standing, backward walking, multi-directional motion, and transitional gait. With traditional prosthetic knees, you must use hip extension to stabilize the knee or always be thinking about keeping your center of mass ahead of the knee. With X3, you can intuitively stand on a flexed and stable knee on level, uneven, or inclined surfaces, such as ramps or hills.




The Kenevo provides the highest possible safety for standing for individuals with lower mobility capabilities. Multiple activity modes allow you to choose the level of security you need. In activity mode C, stable standing is possible thanks to the Intuitive Stance function. So if you need to take a short break while walking, you can stand with the knee flexed and not worry about whether or not your knee will buckle.


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