WalkOn ankle brace

Safer walking

Advantages for you

The WalkOn AFOs offer increased stability for those with drop foot, which is when the toes drag while walking. The orthosis allows you to walk naturally, whether you’re walking on a smooth sidewalk, or taking a steep hike. At less than 6 ounces, the lightweight design will allow you to walk at higher speeds and complete everyday activities like walking up and down stairs.

Slim shape

The WalkOn’s featherweight design will fit inside of your favorite shoes comfortably. The strut and calf pad will go unnoticed under your pant leg.

Heat and moisture reduction

The WalkOn calf pad consists of Phase Change Material. Originally developed for NASA, PCM provides temperature management by absorbing excess heat and reducing the potential for moisture buildup.

On the spot fitting

Your orthotist will be able to customize and fit your WalkOn Trimable and WalkOn Flex in minutes.

Contact your orthotist to learn more about personalizing your footplate.