Agilium® Vantage

Benefits at a glance

Woman playing with her dog while wearing Ottobock Agilium Vantage

Lightweight design

A single metal support with hinge provides stability and motion control.

Agilium Vantage is easy to take on and off

Easy to put on and take off

Four adjustable, numbered closure straps on the calf and thigh for quick application and snug fit.

woman riding bike with Agilium Vantage

Lasting pain relief

A dynamic strap provides pain relief with just one pull to reduce pressure on the affected side of the knee.

Agilium Vantage Material Description

Breathable material

Soft material with no back-of-knee bunching for comfort.

Woman on kayak wearing agilium vantage

Improved functionality

Designed to improve function by stabilizing the knee joint so you can walk, move, and live without worry.

woman pushing swing while wearing Agilium Vantage

Freedom to move

Get back to the activities you love with the pain alleviation you need to lead a healthy, active life.

How it works

Knee picture

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that causes pain and can limit your mobility. Knee osteoarthritis is the most common form of osteoarthritis. It occurs when the cartilage within the joint is damaged and no longer provides the cushion and lubrication necessary for normal movement.

Ottobock explains the cycle of knee OA

Breaking the cycle of knee OA

As knee osteoarthritis causes pain, individuals compensate their posture to avoid pressure on their knee for pain relief. This can cause issues in other parts of the body, such as the hips. Reduced movement in the knee decreases the supply of nutrients to the cartilage, which breaks down even more, increasing pain.

How Agilium Vantage treats the knee

Treatment with the Agilium Vantage

Regular use of a knee brace can help break the cycle of knee OA by stabilizing the knee joint and providing pain relief for one side (inner or outer) of the knee. The dynamic Y-shaped strap of the Agilium Vantage opens up and unloads the affected side of the knee joint.


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Agilium Vantage patient brochure

How do I get the Agilium Vantage knee brace?

Step one

Print or download our brochure to show your clinician.

Step two

Ask your clinician for a prescription for the Agilium Vantage.

Step three

Make an appointment with a clinician who can fit the brace.

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