About orthotics

When you need an orthosis, the answer may not be an easy one. From a drugstore brace to an orthosis made just for you, the variables are nearly endless. This site was designed to help clarify the differences and help you start a conversation with the clinicians that work with you. Our goal at Ottobock is always the same, though – to help you be more independent and mobile in all that you chose to do.

Close-up of the Agilium Freestep as a woman walks up stairs

Osteoarthritis relief

Learn more about osteoarthritis, and how Ottobock products like the Agilium Freestep orthosis can be incorporated into a treatment plan.


Man wearing a brace.

Orthotics 101

Learn more about topics that can help you make the most of your orthosis!

Man mowing the lawn wearing his Ottobock FreeWalk brace.

Real life stories

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