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Ottobock’s new line of stroke products are designed to facilitate patient rehabilitation immediately.

Ottobock’s new line of stroke products are designed to facilitate patient rehabilitation immediately.

AUSTIN, Texas (May 18, 2018) — Ottobock HealthCare, the world-leading supplier of innovative solutions for people with limited mobility, is offering a full line of rehabilitation solutions for post-stroke patients.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of long-term adult disability in the United States, affecting nearly 800,000 people annually, according to the National Stroke Association. Ottobock’s new line of stroke products are designed to facilitate patient rehabilitation immediately by promoting movement, stabilizing and supporting upper and lower extremeties, and helping them walk more naturally.

The Omo Neurexa Plus shoulder orthosis facilitates active rehabilitation for patients with shoulder pain and dysfunction after stroke or injury to the central or peripheral nervous system. By correctly positioning the arm, the Omo Neurexa Plus improves body posture and gait, reduces pain, and allows patients to easily don and doff the orthosis themselves with one hand.

The Manu Neurexa Plus wrist/hand orthosis sets a new standard for patients who need more support or control over their wrists, hands, and fingers due to flaccid paralysis, stroke, multiple sclerosis, intervertebral disc prolapse in the cervical spine, or brachial plexus injury. By stabilizing and supporting the wrist and hand in a natural, neutral position, the Manu Neurexa Plus encourages improved mobility through active rehabilitation.

The Palmar Splint is an adaptable hand support rest that provides additional assistance for the hand and fingers, especially during therapy or as a night positioning orthosis. The tool-free click system easily connects to the Manu Neurexa Plus wrist/hand orthosis. The adaptable splint can be customized to each individual patient, and the universal sizing cuts down on inventory and overall costs.

Ottobock’s WalkOn® family of AFOs improves stability for patients with drop foot, allowing a more natural and symmetrical gait with fluid rollover and high energy return. Utilizing a dynamic design and carbon fiber construction, all WalkOn AFOs are lightweight, low-profile, and durable. Our range of WalkOn products allows you to provide a customized solution to meet individual patient needs. With trimmable footplates that can be shaped with scissors, WalkOn AFOs are extremely easy to fit, often requiring only one office visit.

“We are excited to offer a full line of orthoses that help facilitate active rehabilitation for stroke patients,” said Lauren Skinnell, Market Manager, Orthotics. “Ottobock’s upper and lower extremity solutions provide support for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers, and feet to promote rehabilitation post-stroke. Utilizing all of the upper extremity orthoses achieves better repositioning and stronger external rotation of the shoulder, which prevents spasticities and promotes movement. Combine this with our WalkOn AFOs, and patients have support from head to toe.”