Therapy and standing

Children with special needs should be standing when typically developing children start standing; around 12 months. Early standing programs for birth to 3 are important to ensure proper development of the femur and hip socket. Without early standing protocols, orthopedic damage could ensue that would make standing upright and moving considerably more difficult.

Children who cannot stand up on their own can stand using Ottobock/Leckey devices. We have developed standing systems to meet the varying needs of these children, depending on age and stage of development. The principle in standing is to allow the child as much freedom as possible to promote bone and muscular development but give them as much support necessary to prevent faulty posture.

Leckey Horizon Stander

Horizon is a sturdy, electric stander for prone and supine position that can be adjusted as the child grows.


Leckey Squiggles Stander

When your child is comfortably aligned and supported, standing becomes a positive part of therapy and a great way to be more involved in the world around them. The Leckey Squiggles Stander can be used in several ways: as a prone stander, a supine stander, or an upright stander.


Leckey Freestander

The Freestander's robust design is ideally suited to classroom, therapy room, or home environments. Easy to set up and adjust, it is an ideal solution for multiple users. User transfer is made easier using standing slings or transfer belts.


Leckey Pronestander

Pronestander inclines forward at five different angles, helping children learn to stand upright step-by-step with an intuitive system. Children will start out tilted far ahead in the prone position, and once the child becomes accustomed to this angle and the muscles have strengthened sufficiently, you can place the support more upright until the child is standing straight.


Leckey Totstander

The Leckey Totstander for preschool children was developed in order to meet the special requirements of children in the early standing phase. It is available in one size, is easy to handle and compact for transporting.


Leckey Mygo pediatric stander

Two sizes, three positions, four colors – and that’s just the beginning of the choices that are yours to make with the Leckey Mygo Pediatric Stander. When your child is comfortably aligned and supported, standing can help deliver physical, emotional and social benefits in your child’s development.