Sleeping & dreaming

Relax. Sleep well and have sweet dreams of the day’s events. This is most successful with proper positioning so the child can relax and spasms are diminished.

This involves not only relaxed positioning, but good relief for areas – and skin – especially subject to pressure as well as proper temperature regulation.

For night time positioning, Ottobock and Leckey offer the Sleepform System. This positioning mattress and accessories allows you and your child’s therapist to position your child optimally for skin protection, and hip joint formation, for a comfortable nights sleep. The materials also allow airflow to avoid excessive heat and sweating and promote a healthy skin microclimate.

Leckey Sleepform

The Sleepform System offers children ideal support at night. Sleepform permits the individual moulding of the support surface — whether your child lies on their back, belly, or side.