Floor positioning and grasping: the starting position for first activities

The world is a large, fascinating place. Especially when observed while lying down. After just a few weeks, your child begins to explore the world – and move. Every different position opens up new, interesting perspectives to the child.

If a child is not able to mobilize themselves and is late to have the skills for independent sitting, they would benefit from supportive products that will assist them in reaching their developmental milestones. The Early Activity System, Early Sitting System and Pilot are perfect examples of sitting, crawling, and floor positioning products that are fun and therapeutic.

Moving through an environment and hands-free play are integral to a child’s physical and cognitive development. With proper positioning, your child will continue to explore, grasp, learn, and grow.

Leckey Early Activity System

The Early Activity System supports the correct development of infants and toddlers starting in the first few months of life. The mat with the various supporting elements offers assistance for the child in the most important positions.


Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System

The Early Sitting System is a simple, easy to set-up 3-in-1 sitting system which encourages dynamic sitting, prone sitting and long sitting. It is lightweight, compact, and portable so your child may have appropriate support whether at home, school, or on vacation.