Eating and drinking: support for the whole day

Ottobock and Leckey seating systems and therapy seats support the body and straighten the pelvis to prevent faulty posture which hinders your child while eating and drinking. Upright posture on the other hand actively helps your child and is nearly indispensable for children with swallowing disorders.

Leckey Squiggles seating system

The Leckey Squiggles seating system offers stability for young children with postural weakness. Squiggles positions the pelvis, torso, head and legs while leaving the child with freedom of movement. The seating system is ideal for all everyday situations and "grows" with the child.


Leckey Everyday Activity Seat

The Everyday Activity Seat is for all situations where a simple chair is not sufficient, for example in case of posture support and for sensory training.


Leckey Mygo seating system

The modular Leckey Mygo seating system provides secure support for children aged three to 14 years old. Individually adjustable to the needs of your child thanks to numerous settings, the seating system prevents malpositions of the pelvis.


Leckey Mygo Max

The Mygo Max offers the proven features and functions of the Mygo, but optimised in size, comfort, and functionality.



The Yogi is a collapsible walker for children and adolescents in two sizes that is pushed in front of the body.