We’ll go and grow with you. Every step of the way.

Can. It’s a powerful word. Fueled by passion. Ambition. And a drive to do. At Ottobock, we believe in the power of can. And in the power of a community that helps make it possible: The Kimba Community. Together, we’re celebrating accomplishments great and small, powered by our Kimba stroller and, more important, by your dedication.

You spoke. We listened.

Introducing: The new and improved Kimba Seat

Using feedback from the Kimba Community of families and therapists, we re-imagined a stroller that’s better than ever. It’s the Kimba you know and love, clinically approved and enhanced to provide comfortable supports, ease of use and room to grow.

The Kimba and Kimba Neo MPS seat: a closer look

The Kimba seat is excellent for positioning with its integrated headrest, width adjustments and full profile protraction pads. An adjustable headrest, removable protraction pads and incremental recline, allows the Kimba Neo MPS to offer patient comfort and support.

Visit the Kimba seat product page

Visit the Kimba Neo MPS product page

Built to Last

High-tone lifestyles are no sweat with our aluminum seat and back pan. New reclines keep kids stable and secure. Plus, screws and straps will never get lost or loose again thanks to functional design updates.

Easier to Use

The Kimba Seat is quick to adjust and clean, and can support even the smallest of children. Transfers are a snap thanks to new belts and harnesses. And seats cushions are easily washed.

Room to Grow

With superior positioning, optimization for alignment and increased support for sitting tolerance and maximized movement, kids will feel more comfortable — and be better positioned for growth.

Two playful boys. One happy family. Like any mother of young kids, Lindsy’s days are spent encouraging learning and play while enjoying family time. Both of her children have special needs: eight-year-old Connor and three-year-old James have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As a new member of the Kimba community, Lindsy loves using the new and improved Kimba Seat and Kimba Neo MPS seat to help herself — and James — do more than ever before. Watch their stories below.

“I Can’t” to “I Can”

Learn why Lindsy believes perseverance is essential to helping her children grow — as is getting the right equipment for their needs.

Our Time Together

Whether it’s taking James for a walk in his Kimba stroller or relaxing with her husband after a long day, see how Lindsy treasures life’s small moments.

The Places We’ll Go

Birthday parties. Friends’ houses. Neighborhood parks. Discover how Kimba helps James enjoy more opportunities than ever before.