OBSS Ortho-Shape Back

Advantages for you

Increased comfort

By incorporating body alignment, pressure distribution and directional forces the custom back provides users more freedom of movement.


Weighing less than 5lbs with hardware, the OBSS Ortho-Shape Back is easy for caregivers to transport.

Easy to reshape to adjust fit

If body conditions change, the contours of OBSS Ortho-Shape back can be easily modified to accommodate growth and ensure a better fit.

Carbon fiber look

The sleek design of the back reflects the innovative technology utilized in development.

Helps prevent skin issues

The patented Comfort Edge Protection and Evolight material gives users relief around pressure points and helps to keep skin dry and cool.The easy to remove liners are machine washable and durable.

Jack's story

Jack's Ortho-Shape Back story

Not only does the Ottobock Ortho-Shape wheelchair back provide Jack Dunn with needed postural support, it also gives him more freedom of movement to interact with his family and his environment.

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In the news

In the news

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