Custom seating for complex needs

Sitting all day is hard work—something you surely know if you’re a wheelchair user. If you’re an able-bodied caregiver, however, you may not have given it much thought—until an endless car trip leaves you feeling stiff, aching, and exhausted. Explore our products to find out more about seating and positioning issues and the custom seating solutions we offer.

For individuals with complex positioning needs, Ottobock offers a range of custom seating options made to exact specifications from 3D scans and body molds, offering extraordinary fit and support. Learn more about our different solutions available below.

Caregivers Guide: What to expect

Every day caregivers must learn and try to understand various elements of their loved ones' changing needs. Our Caregivers Guide aims to provide a place to go where you can find helpful tips and information.

Real life stories

Learn how Jessica's OBSS seating provides her with the support to navigate New York in her power chair, and about how people are using other Ottobock products to improve their mobility and live their lives. Our Momentum blog lets you hear from people using our products in their own words.


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