Wheelchair cushions and accessories

Good wheelchair seating should consider each individual’s unique combination of requirements in order to optimize comfort, health, and functional independence. Ottobock's different lines of wheelchair cushions are designed around critical features such as impact dampening, pressure distribution, postural support, and microclimate, each differentiated and prioritized so that you are able to find the optimal seating solution for your needs.

With our range of wheelchair accessories, we also seek to offer superior adjustability, flexibility, and convenience. Among the thousands of wheelchair accessories and parts we offer, we have highlighted a few below. More in-depth part selection can be done with your therapist or dealer.

Advantage wheelchair cushion

The Advantage wheelchair cushion with insertable floam cells provides Adjustable pressure redistribution with stability for easy transfers.


Cloud wheelchair cushion

The cloud wheelchair cushion with insertable floam cells provides adjustable postural management and pressure redistribution.


Terra Flair wheelchair cushion

The Terra Flair wheelchair cushion provides the ultimate in air flotation, with the stability and security of foam.


Terra Aquos wheelchair cushion

The Terra Aquos with four liquid gel inserts offers cushioning and shear reduction for a smoother ride.


Terra wheelchair cushion

The lightweight Terra anti-decubitus cushion uses unique Rest Suspension foam developed by and only available from Ottobock.



Take the hassle out of wintry weather with Wheelblades. Wheelblades attach with a simple click and keep you gliding across snow and ice. Instead of sinking into the snow or getting caught in icy ruts, Wheelblades keep you sliding across the top.