Achieving outcomes

We are committed to creating better access for prosthetic devices that save lives and we provide the education and training needed to ensure your successful outcomes.

We do all of this because when your patients succeed, we have all reached our goals.

We all move forward, together.

How Ottobock prosthetics help people achieve their goals.

Harmony Vacuum

The Harmony P4 vacuum system offers the highest level of suspension as well as rotation and shock absorption, so patients like Carlos, who spends his days on the golf course instructing students, can be active with reduced strain. The Harmony provides a true feeling of connection for your patients to improve proprioception. Plus, with excellent volume management the connection remains secure throughout the day.

Quick reference:
IIndication: K3, K4
Max body weight: 4R180 Harmony P4 - 100kg (220lbs); 4R181 Harmony P4HD Heavy Duty - 150kg (330lbs)

C-Leg 4

When it comes to microprocessor knees, C-Leg set the standard. With each iteration, C-Leg continues to raise the bar on safety and stability so users like Katie and thousands of others can return to their everyday work and home activities. Whether its navigating different terrain or moving in crowded environments, features like Stumble Recovery, Intuitive Stance and real-time adaptations deliver superior performance and drive to better outcomes.

Quick reference
Indications: K3, K4
Weight limit: 136kg (300 lbs)
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The Kenevo microprocessor knee is designed for K2 patients, such as Alan, who need to feel confident and secure. Unlike mechanical knees, the Kenevo offers a range of functions specifically designed to allow your patient to move around with a controlled pace and manner. Supported sitting and standing up functions provide the needed resistance during those motions to keep patients secure. And with safety features such as Stumble Recovery Plus, the Kenevo provides unmatched safety for K2 patients.

Quick reference
Indication: K2
Weight limit: 275lbs


The Empower has helped patients like Rob who were in constant pain and frustrated by the lack of control their prosthesis provided over variable terrain. The Empower emulates the function of lost muscles and tendons and has lifelike movement that normalizes the walking gait. The Empower adjusts power, resistance and flexion in real time allowing balance on variable terrain.

Quick reference
Indications: K3
Weight limit: 130kg (287lbs)


With its ability to mimic natural motion and real-time control, the Meridium foot gives patients like Diana both adaptability and security in their steps. The foot’s 4-axis design adjusts itself to the ground conditions and the patient’s walking speed. The foot also gives residual limb relief when the foot lowers itself to the floor when the patient is sitting.

Quick reference
Indications: K2, K3
Weight limit: 275lbs (125kg)
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Mandie chose the bebionic hand because of its lifelike qualities that help her perform everyday tasks like preparing meals and caring for her young daughter. The bebionic hand features 14 different grip patterns and individual motors in each finger to help patients like Mandie easily and naturally perform daily tasks. Patented encoding technology tracks and senses each finger throughout every move, giving patients confidence that the hand will consistently achieve the desired grip pattern.

Quick reference
Indications: Wrist disarticulation or higher
Variations: 2 sizes and 4 wrist options
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