Personal hygiene & bathing

You can’t have enough hands to secure your child, wash and massage him or her, and play and communicate with him or her. And that’s just for daily hygiene. Bathing aids are therefore very important for all involved.

If showering and bathing are pleasant, children find it easier to accept daily hygiene as an important part of their day. Every child loves the physical contact with parents (see “basal stimulation” at the right).

Shower and bath supports make it easy and comfortable for the child. And for the parents as well, because they increase safety on slippery surfaces – and with the Hubfix, they also make lifting easier for the parents.

Robby bathing support

Thanks to the low seat height, the Robby bathing support needs comparatively little water in the tub. It can be folded up to a compact size, is easy to take with you, and can be stored almost anywhere.


Advance Bath Chair

The rugged Leckey Advance Bath Chair can easily be adjusted to multiple heights—so your child can relax comfortably regardless of how full the bath is.



Quicklift is a mechanical lift for bathing support, which has strong suction feet to keep it stable in the tub. Various bathing supports can be put onto its pull-out sides.