Manual Wheelchairs

Ottobock products are focused on increasing independence and function and can help expand your opportunities to engage in your community and environment. Feel free to bring the materials available here to your care provider or clinician for more conversation about what might work well for you.

Adult manual wheelchair: Motus

The Motus is an adaptive wheelchair that can be customized to your unique preferences. Adjustable on the fly, the swing-away footrests and height-adjustable back allows for more comfortable seating.


Adult manual wheelchair: Start M2 Effect

From armrests to footplates, the M2 Effect manual wheelchair is adjustable to your unique needs. For those on the go, it’s versatility and comfort allow you to go about your day-to-day activities with ease.


Adult manual wheelchair: Start M5 Comfort

The stylish Start M5 Comfort manual wheelchair has the strength and durability of the M2, with even more adaptability to fit your needs.