Wheelchair cushions and accessories

Ottobock's different lines of wheelchair cushions are designed around critical features such as impact dampening, pressure distribution, postural support, and microclimate, each differentiated and prioritized so that you are able to find the optimal seating solution for your needs.

With our range of wheelchair accessories, we also seek to offer superior adjustability, flexibility, and convenience. Among the thousands of wheelchair accessories and parts we offer, we have highlighted a few below. More in-depth part selection can be done with your therapist or dealer.

Advantage wheelchair cushion

The Advantage wheelchair cushion with insertable floam cells provides Adjustable pressure redistribution with stability for easy transfers.


Cloud wheelchair cushion

The cloud wheelchair cushion with insertable floam cells provides adjustable postural management and pressure redistribution.


Terra Flair wheelchair cushion

The Terra Flair wheelchair cushion provides the ultimate in air flotation, with the stability and security of foam.


Terra Aquos wheelchair cushion

The Terra Aquos with four liquid gel inserts offers cushioning and shear reduction for a smoother ride.


Terra wheelchair cushion

The lightweight Terra anti-decubitus cushion uses unique Rest Suspension foam developed by and only available from Ottobock.



Wheelblades are small, high-quality “skis” for a wheelchair’s front wheels. They attach to a wheelchair or stroller’s front wheels with a quick click.


Headrest hardware

NUTEC and Ottobock provide multiple headrest hardware options sure to match your individual needs:

• NUTEC durable Rock-n-Lock hardware fits all pad styles and positions up to 5˝ off midline. Dynamic option available.

• NUTEC Double L-Bracket allows vertical adjustment and up to 5˝ of anterior/posterior adjustment.

• NUTEC heavy duty Depth-Adjustable Bracket allows adjustment in 3 directions: to 5˝ Vertical, to 7˝ anterior/posterior, to 30° flexion/extension.

• NUTEC Flip Down Headrest Bracket, bracket has a hinge mechanism that allows the pad and top half of the bracket to flip down

• Ottobock Goose-Neck style hardware offers flexible positioning

• Ottobock Multi Axis hardware, straigh,t delivers durable, consistent support

• Ottobock Multi Axis hardware, offset, delivers adjustable positioning



Easily attach your headrests to the Start M5 Comfort and a variety of seating systems. Five Ottobock headrest styles are available in a range of size options, and seven NUTEC headrests offer a variety of shapes and support options.


Wheelchair backs

With four cheelchair back designs available, you’ll be able to find the exact level of firmness you need. Cell-Paks using Floam® provide support and flexibility to accommodate your unique needs. Increase your sitting tolerance and comfort with your choice of cushions.


Amputee support

This contoured pad provides comfort and support to residual limbs for below the knee amputees. Easy to swingaway for transfers, the amputee support can be adjusted in all directions. Remove the amputee support for easy transportation and storage.


Channel forearm pads

Available in four sizes, the channel forearm pad can provide functional support if you have upper extremity weakness or paralysis. The channel forearm pad can be mounted directly on the armrest of the Start M2 Effect, and is designed for use with different styles of hand pads.


Hand pads

Your individual positioning needs will be met by one of the fours styles of hand pads available:

• palm extensor modular pad

• modular flat hand pad

• horn type modular pad

• cone type modular pad

All are designed to work with a variety of arm rests.


Kimba Neo Storage solutions

Bring it with you! There are lots of options for carrying things with the Kimba Neo. Chose from a backpack or diaper bag that attach to the upper frame, or a storage bag that sits below.


Kimba Neo trays

Our trays are a great way to keep you child engaged at work or play. Available in a tough, clear plastic—so they can better see themselves and their surroundings—or opaque.


The Natural-Fit push rings

The Natural-Fit wheelchair push rings eliminate the need to push directly on the wheelchair tire.


S-Lock undermount

Optional S-lock undermount wheel lock system stows away and won’t catch on fingers or clothing.